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Our suppliers helping us serve delicious pub food in Brighton

Here at The Downs Hotel, we believe quality ingredients create quality experiences. That’s why our dishes are prepared with high quality produce, cooked up with love by our skilled chefs for you to enjoy.

From succulent 21 day matured steaks and sustainably sourced fish to farm-fresh vegetables, you know that all of our delicious dishes are made for you to love.

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Find out more about our suppliers and the produce helping to make your favourite dishes even more tantalising!

New Menu at The Downs Hotel


Our fish comes from well-managed British fisheries who care about the future of our seas, ensuring all of the fish they handle has been sourced responsibly.

This allows us to use the highest quality wild-caught British fish, which arrives at local ports in daily landings and is then transported to us by experienced skippers.

And finally, behind all of our fish are our trusted fishmongers. Award-winning, skilled and dedicated, our fishmongers work hard preparing and expertly filleting each and every fish, ready to be delivered to our kitchens each morning.

New Menu at The Downs Hotel


Passion is at the heart of what our well-established greengrocers do.

They have been delivering nutritious fruit, veg and dairy for 50 years, working round the clock to provide goods all year round and delivering them straight to our doors to ensure the freshest fruit and veg for our customers!

Grown by the best farmers across the land, the crops are nurtured until ripe and harvested at just the right time for great quality and a beautiful freshness. It’s this dedication that results in vibrant, full-flavoured veg that has been handled with care all the way from field to fork.

New Menu at The Downs Hotel


Quality meat begins with our skilled farmers, who feed their animals a natural, sustainable diet to promote flavour and succulence.

Our meat is then prepared by UK-based, family-run butchers, who maintain traditional craft skills such as hand-cutting to demonstrate care and attention and to ensure the best meat quality.

All of our beef is hung to mature for at least 21 days to develop an enhanced flavour, and even our burgers and sausages are crafted from quality prime cuts, ensuring we serve you only the best. Our chicken is also sourced from only approved farms and suppliers to guarantee quality, freshness and flavour.